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Symptoms you may be Toxic!

Clinical Outcomes of Detoxification and Nourishment

Client Testimonials

  • Tom Mathew
    Very unique place. Glad it exists. Prices are right at the edge of where it should be. Please don't go making things expensive.
    Tom Mathew
  • NiceInsurer
    A superb small professional health bar every health conscious person must try if in vicinity and occasionally if distant. A must visit even for the 'health careless', as it could wake you up. Sugar banned here, visit to find out why the No.1 poison is simply not there. They have health drinks for every reason, whether intermittent fasting or dieting, tyey know what they do. They have health soups, detox tea, digestive tea & many more, Amla drink, Aloe vera, fruit juices made for many reasons, uts not possible to list here.
  • Guru crpcs
    A health bar, with various juices, smoothies, soups and shakes made if every kind of vegetable and fruit. Hygienic, good stuff, the real thing. Concoctions if fasting Amla Aloe Vera Avocado Digestive lassie etc etc apart from usual juices, however none with the no1 poison 'Sugar'.
    Guru crpcs
  • Bibin J
    Thank you for breathing fresh air into an industry dominated by unhealthy ingredients.
    Bibin J
    Local Guide
  • Chaitali Sarkar
    Fantastic initiative. Clean fresh juices and soups. No added sugar.
    Chaitali Sarkar
  • Siddhant Johri
    An excellent initiative initiated by a group of professionals who actually know what they're doing. They have one of the best concoctions of healthy purifying juices made from the freshest of ingredients that work like magic for your body. I just hope that they set up more branches across Bangalore and other cities as well so that more people can benefit from them. They deserve nothing less than 5 stars from my side for such a noble initiative. Keep up the awesome work guys. Cheers and good luck!!
    Siddhant Johri
  • Preethi Seshadri
    Doctor juice is an initiative by a team of qualified doctors. They bring in quality ingredients with no added sugar, preservatives or chemicals. The juices are cold-pressed and catered to the needs of the clients. The items are pocket friendly and iterates the fact that healthy options need not be expensive. The ambience is warm and if you are looking for a place to chit-chat without piling calories, never think twice to reach out to this place. Have tried their doctor special juice, amla and curry leaves juice. Their pani-puris are yummy yet different than the typical ones. Their banana stem soup is a must try on a breezy evening. Kudos to the team and looking forward for more from you guys. Will definitely visit again and again. 👍👍
    Preethi Seshadri
  • Anupama B
    Dr Juice is an initiative with the objective 'Prevention is better than cure'. With its hygienic set up, freshly prepared juices and scientifically tested formulae for various diseases, this chain of outlets is all set to provide solutions to the unhealthy present generation of India. Its down to earth costing propagates the message that health drinks need not be restricted to the rich. God bless this team and grant them the success they deserve!
    Anupama B
  • Pritish Kumar Rathor
    JUICE that keeps doctor away
    Pritish Kumar Rathor